GarLind Ridge Collies in Wisconsin
Garlind Ridge Collie Facts

Things people like to know:

Where do our collies stay:

In our home. Not one of our collies has ever slept a night outside or in any other building on our premises other than our home. We have a large home and our 4 children have grown up and started their own familes. We have what we call a gated house, for both the grandkids and the collies.

We have 3 levels of our home in which the collies are in. There is a big open 30 X 30 open play area in our basement too. There are always collies at my feet when I am typing and always greet us at the door.

Do we keep our collies crated?
Absolutely not!

How much do we feed our collies?
As much as they want. We have free feed with food in front of them at all times.

What do we feed our collies?
We do not feed them generic dogfood. We feed them a combination of Eukanuba, Iams lamb and Rice, Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet oral and others we mix in. We think like us, they deserve a variety to their food.

How many litters do we have a year?

We generally have between 3 and 5 litters a year. We will only breed when we have a waiting list wanting our puppies, we do not breed, just to breed. We skipped breeding 3 girls and retired one early in 2010 because of the economy and our waiting list was not as big as we would have wanted to breed them.

Do we do much health testing?

Yes! In 2010 alone we spent over $4000 on testing our collies and puppies to see which ones we would be keeping in our group for future breedings.

Do we screen potential adoptive familes? Do we ever turn them down?

Yes! All are screened and we have turned down many knowing we are not a good match.

Do we stay in touch once the puppy is adopted?
Yes! We love it

Do the collies support us?
No! Linda works full time with during overtime during the holidays . Gary is a full time dairy farmer. By having puppies we are able to support our collies and do the health testing that we do. We love collies! If we didn't love them, we wouldn't consider raising puppies, they are allot of work.

Have we shown our collies?
Yes, but we prefer to have our collies at home with us and not away with a trainer.

Are our puppies very socialized?
Oh yes!!! We have 10 grandchildren who love the collies and puppies, they are here often to play with the puppies.
Actually 3 of our 4 children also have a collie.

Do we have a health guarantee on our puppies?
Yes, and at any point in time if somene cannot keept a Garlind Ridge collie, they are welcome to come back.

Have any adults collies left Garlind Ridge? Yes, they have when it was best for them. They were retired from breeding and placed in pet homes. Most of our collies will retire and remain with use for their entire lives, however, we have over the years placed 4 retired breeders in pet homes and they are happily spoiled.

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