GarLind Ridge Collies in Wisconsin

Garlind Ridge Sassy Jo


Sassy Jo has been CERF tested for collie eye

Sassy Jo is a non carrier for PRA

Sassy Jo's
MDR1 TEST RESULTS are mutant/normal

Sassy Jo as a baby

Sassy Jo Pedigree, click to view

Sassy Jo is our first daughter raised out of Cali Sue and what a gem she is. Sassy is the one girl we say could do all of our dusting with her tail, it is always wagging. This is one very happy and sweet girl.
Sassy Jo is a beauty with naturally tipped ears. Sassy Jo does have mild collie eye but being bred to Hero, a non carrier, all puppies are normal eyed.


Jordan with Sassy Jo as a puppy
Lexi and Jordan washing Sassy Jo
Sassy Jo with Hero
Sassy Jo and Hero
Sassy Jo and Diesel

TEST for rod-cone dysplasia type 2 (rcd2) in Collies 

rcd2 Background of Disease:  “Collie PRA”, or rod-cone dysplasia type 2 (rcd2), is a form of retinal degeneration that has been a health concern in rough and smooth collies for decades.  In this disease, an abnormal development (dysplasia) of the rods and cones (the light sensitive cells in the eye) leads to an early onset of night blindness that is typically apparent by the time pups are 6 weeks of age. In most cases, the rcd2-Affected dog is completely blind by the time it is 1 year old

Sassy Jo is Normal, not a carrier for PRA-no puppies from Sassy Jo will ever have PRA

  • Sensitivity of Collies to certain pharmaceuticals, in particular for treatment of heartworm and mites (ivermectin), is now known to be caused by a genetic defect in the mechanism that prevents drugs from building up in the brain.
  • This mutation is recessive and is called mdr1-1Δ.  The normal gene that protects the brain is called MDR1
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